How to Make: A Pretty Little Bib Necklace

The April 2010 issue of Lucky magazine featured a great article about a month’s worth of spring styles that work with your existing wardrobe. There is a plethora of chic spring clothing and accessories in the article. In the mix is a stunning metal bib necklace from Lydell NYC that really caught my eye. I love the way this necklace looks on its own and how it significantly impacts the outfits that featured the bauble.

Since I’m not planning any trips to NYC in the near future and therefore won’t have a chance to pick up the real thing, I decided to make a similar necklace from materials I found at a local craft shop.

How to Make: A Pretty Little Bib Necklace

For this project, you will need:

  • Several feet of 1 1/2 inch wide ribbon. I used a chocolate brown ribbon with a satin finish for this project. 4 yd roll – $3
  • Jewelry pliers. Set of 3 – $5
  • Assorted open jump rings. Packet of rings – $4
  • 6 large metal pendants with an open weave. Pack of 2 – $3

Step 1: Attach a small open jump ring to the side of four of the six pendants.

Step 2: Attach a large open jump ring to each small jump ring on the pendants.

Step 3: Link the four large open jump rings together, forming a circle with the pendants.

Step 4: Connect the touching edges of the pendants together with four small open jump rings. This will help the pendant “circle” keep its shape.

Step 5: Cut two 1 1/2 foot long pieces of ribbon. Tie one end of the ribbon around a large open jump ring. Attach a small jump ring to the large ring (shown above). Repeat with the second length of ribbon.

Step 6: Attach the ribbon/ring combo to one of the remaining pendants that has not been included in the pendant “circle”. Repeat with the other remaining pendant.

Step 7: Using four small open jump ring, attach the pendants with the ribbons to the edges of the pendant circle.

Step 8: (Optional) Using a needle and thread that matches the color of the ribbon, tuck the short tied off ends of the ribbon back and stitch in place. This helps to polish off the necklace.

Ta-da! Pretty little bib necklace


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