How to Make: An Old Fashioned

Its Sunday night, which means just one thing to me – MAD MEN!!! I am obsessed with the show! The costumes are amazing and I love how it takes you to a different place and time each episode. Its like no other show on TV right now and one of the few I keep up with on a weekly basis.

One thing I really love about the show is the carefree boozing the characters partake in throughout the day. Happy hour? These people have never heard of “happy hour”, more like “happy morning/mid-day/afternoon/evening.” Its classic! People drink during important business meetings, doctor appointments, even pregnancy!

A few weeks ago I discovered an amazing little treasure at my grandparents’ house – a little booklet of party recipes for mixed drinks from 1962! It features all the classics like gin and tonics, manhattans, martinis, etc. BUT it also has some real doozies like Bronxs, Mamie Taylors, Zombies and Sherry Flips. Some of the drinks include questionable ingredients like raw eggs and strong tea and overall there is a serious lack of mixers included with most of these so called “mixed” drinks.

The one recipe that caught my eye and that I was most excited about was for the Old Fashioned. Throughout Mad Men’s three seasons, the Old Fashioned has been one of Don Draper’s stable drinks of choice. He’s even taught little Sally how to cook up a mean Oldie. Naturally I had to try this drink out for myself. Like I said before, there is a serious lack of mixer involved and while I’m not the biggest fan of whiskey the drink does not offend. There is plenty of fruit to cut some of the edge and the bitters really add a touch of something…So, for your drinking pleasure I have included the original, 1962 recipe below.

Give it a shot and let me know what you think! Next week we’ll be discussing Betty Draper’s fav – the Gimlet!

How to Make: An Old Fashioned

In an Old Fashioned glass put 1 lump of sugar, 2 dashes of Bitters, 1 teaspoon of water and muddle.

Add 1 cube of ice, 2 oz. Whiskey and stir.

Decorate with twist of lemon, slice of orange, pineapple chunk (*I omitted) and a cherry.

Serve with stirrer.


Here are a few pictures of the little drink booklet.


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