“Something Old…Something New…”

Its an annual tradition of my family’s to spend one week in August vacationing in the Outer Banks together. Every year since I was about seven years old, we take a road trip down south to soak up the sun and spend some serious quality time together. This year was no exception.  All of last week I spent vacationing with my family in Nags Head, NC.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love the beach and the sun and the sand just as much as the next person but after a few days I need to spend some time away from the shore and in some AC. My break from the beach always consists of at least one shopping trip. The shopping in good ol’ OBX isn’t the greatest but there is this one vintage shop that I adore right off the main drag in Nags Head. Its called “Something Old…Something New…”. The couple that owns it is boisterous, eclectic and super friendly. They are also insanely knowledgeable about vintage clothing and accessories and keep their store jam packed with amazing treasures.

During my visit last week I stopped in and picked up a few things. I literally could spend hours in this store but since I was with a few others that do not appreciate or understand that these stores require immense amounts of time, I limited it to just one. I managed to find a great, knee-length, navy blue vintage dress from the 70s, a Lucite bangle, a pair of what I like to call “Betty Draper” clip-on earrings and a brown, waist-cinching belt from the 80s. A total success!

Here are a few shots of my new dress and “Betty Draper” earrings:


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