How to Make: A Gimlet

In honor of Mad Men, last Sunday I wrote about one of Don Draper’s favorite drinks, The Old Fashioned. This week let’s focus on another character from the show, the former Mrs. Betty Draper.

Throughout the past three season, Betty’s drinking record has consisted of copious amounts of wine in the middle of the day when things with Don really started to go south and enjoying the occasional Gimlet. According to my little red drink book, Gimlets are typically made with gin and lime juice. Since I’m not a huge fan of gin, I decided to make a vodka Gimlet for this week’s viewing party. I’ve included the recipe below for your drinking pleasure. Enjoy!

How to Make: A Gimlet

Stir 1 1/2 oz. Gin (in this case, vodka) and 1/2 oz. Rose’s lime juice with cracked ice.

Strain into 3 oz. cocktail glass.

Add slice of lime if desired.


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