WANTED: The Perfect Pair of (Affordable) Jeans

While in Chicago this past weekend, I had a chance to check out the Levi’s store and more importantly their Levi’s Curve ID jeans. I’ve been reading about these jeans everywhere and had to check them out for myself (here is an article from the San Francisco Examiner about the jean frenzy that occurred in Union Square recently). A lot of the reviews are making claims about this denim collection that seem to good to be true so clearly I needed to check this out and formulate my own opinions.

I walked into the shop and was greeted by a sales associate who took my measurements (waist, hips in two places and the distances in between) to get my proportions and determine the best fit. They were able to take the measurements over my clothes so there was no awkward nakedness or uncomfortable overexposure. Based on the measurements, they determine whether you have a slight, demi or bold curve. Much to my surprise, I am a slight curve.

I worked with the sales reps to pick the best styles, washes and sizes. In the end, I decided to try on two pairs of the skinny jeans in glazed and pitch black. I also tried on their skinny boot in blue ice. Overall, the fit is amazing! They are better than most other jeans I’ve tried that claim to accommodate curves and are insanely flattering. They really do take into account your body measurements and fit your body like a glove! My sister and her friend from college came on the shopping trip as well and were equally impressed with the sizing and fit (my sister is a bold and her friend Krista is a demi – just going to show that they are great across the board). We all ended up buying at least one pair of jeans and were super impressed.

In the end, I took home the skinny jeans in glazed and the skinny boot in blue ice. I can honestly say that I will keep coming back to this brand and collection. And now that I know my proper size and measurements, I can even confidently order these puppies online.

Skinny Boot in Blue Ice, $69.50

Skinny Boot in Blue Ice, $69.50

Skinny in Glazed, $59.50

Skinny in Glazed, $59.50


One thought on “WANTED: The Perfect Pair of (Affordable) Jeans

  1. Fun fact: I wore my “Bold” jeans on Friday evening, and they stretched out and gave me the dreaded “butt pooch” in the back. I took them back on Saturday and the sales associate was awesome. They helped me try on like 10 more pairs of jeans until we found one that fit perfectly. In the end, I exchanged the bold jeans for a demi in a smaller size in the skinny boot-cut. Totally worth every penny.

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