The Rainy Day

All this rain we’ve been having in DC is making me think of nothing but umbrellas, rain boots and trench coats! Even though rainy days often make you think of spring showers, I can’t help but think of how perfect the classic trench still is for the weather we’ve been having.

The trench coat – a stylish and functional coat that was initially worn by British and French soldiers in the First World War continues to be a fashion necessity for both men and women alike.  I was gifted a sleek trench coat from Banana Republic at the beginning of the year and have been rocking it on rainy days from April until October. After I received the gift, I did a little research on the proper way to wear a trench. There were a number of details that I hadn’t initially considered, like what is the appropriate and most flattering length? How are you supposed to tie that belt? And is this trench’s shape really the most flattering?

I came across this tip list from that has been a great help in answering all my trench coat questions. For instance, I learned that a trench’s hemline should finish on or above the knee to avoid looking squat and dumpy. And a fantail pleat, an inverted pleat at the center back, is essential for keeping the coat swingy and flexible.

In addition to the classic trench, this rainy weather has me thinking a lot about cute umbrellas! Here are a few affordable picks that I love!

Rain or Shiny Umbrella

ModCloth, $33.99

Urban Outfitters, $18.00

Color-Changing Umbrella

MoMA Store, $40.00

Weather or Not Umbrella

ModCloth, $34.99, $32.00

Read more at Suite101: How to Pick the Perfect Trench Coat


One thought on “The Rainy Day

  1. Trench coats? Totally amazing, and also the sassiest. I actually just purchased one yesterday at Target believe it or not (and it’s on sale this week) that makes me feel like I’m in some sort of noir film. I suppose that means I also need a fedora. I am a Chicagoan after all.

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