New Additions

After countless times looking up The Pretty Little Pauper only to find no updates, I thought my sister, Erin, could use some help…ME! We thought together we could incorporate a new, distinctive vibe to Pretty Little Pauper. Our new intent with Pretty Little Pauper is to share with you our unique perspectives as women living in two different bustling cities, indulging in our love of food (it’s very apparent), fashion, art, design and travel while still being budget conscious. Living in the nation’s capital, I couldn’t be more blessed with a better family, friends or job at a time in my life where I want to see and do new things while also continuing to do the things I know I love. I was very lucky to land a job out of school with the Department of Defense which allows me to travel monthly across the country (from Los Angeles to Montgomery, Alabama) and occasionally get to bring my partner in crime, Erin. This blog gives us an opportunity to share with you the things we know and love not only in and around our homes of Chicago and Washington, D.C., but also encounter in travels across the United States. Buckle up! Love, Kate