Style Crush: Giovanna Battaglia


I have a confession. I have a serious style crush on Giovanna Battaglia. I love, love, love, love everything about her look. The Italian born editor/model always looks so effortlessly chic and manages to pull off the most amazing texture and pattern combinations. Don’t even get me started on her insane ability to accessorize! Swoon!

Images from The Sartorialist  

 Image from Stockholm

Tribal Instincts


In a few weeks, I’ll be taking a little weekend vacation to Miami. It will be my first time visiting the city and I’m so excited! The trip has given me an excuse to start thinking about summer, warmer weather and all the clothes and accessories that go with the longer, sunnier days.

I’d really like to pick up a pair of tribal printed sandals for the trip. I’ve been particularly drawn to the black and white patterns wedges and platform sandals since the shoes seem to go with pretty much any color and can easily be dressed up or down.

Gossip-16 Qupid, $49.00

Steve Madden Rada Sandal, $69.95

MIA Reeba Wedge Sandal, $58.95

Bucked Tribal Raffia Sandal, $40.00

The Break Up


Within the last few weeks both of my sisters have parted ways with their long term boyfriends. Regardless of who makes the final decision, break ups are always challenging and upsetting. After my last break up, I found that there are a few things that really helped me cope with the changes and emotions.

Buy Some New Pajamas – Post break up, you start spending a lot more time alone. I found spending my nights on my own after the split to be one of the biggest emotional challenges. To make myself feel better, I bought new PJs. New sleepwear gives you something to look forward to at bedtime, not dread. Whether you like flannel pajama sets or silky negligees new pajamas offer one small step towards moving forward with your life.

Fall in Love with a Cocktail – One of my best friends introduced me to a drink that quickly became signature after my break up. It became fondly known to me as a “Pazia” after her and is a mix of vodka, soda, cranberry and lime. Simple and refreshing. I’m not saying you need to become an alcoholic as a result of a break up, but having a few drinks every once in a while encourages you to go out and be a little more social. Another beverage I highly recommend is Sex, a brut rose sparkling wine that is as delightful as its name.

Pick Up a New Hobby – I took a photography class right after my break up. It was something I had wanted to do for a long time. The class helped me realize a passion and gave me an opportunity to meet new people and try new things on a weekly basis. Finding a new hobby definitely helps take your mind off of things and gives you something new and exciting to focus on instead.

Buy Yourself Something You Don’t Reeeeally Need – I have always had an obsession with Kerastase products. They do wonderful things to my hair but cost a small fortune. After a split, I think every girl should splurge on one item, keeping it to around $75-$100, that they absolutely love but don’t really need.



Recently I’ve been thinking about making big changes in my life. I fantasize about finding a different, more fulfilling job or packing everything up and moving to Europe for a year. On a much smaller scale, I’ve been daydreaming about cutting all of my hair off.

I continuously come upon insanely chic short haircuts and find myself wondering if they are something I can pull off. Maybe it’s time to take the plunge. What are your thoughts?

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My Love Affair with Fall RTW


New York Fashion Week started yesterday and I couldn’t be more excited to scourer the latest Fall 2012 designer collections. I must admit, I always get a little more excited about the fall collections than the spring. Maybe it’s because I live in Chicago where it feels like winter from October to June. Maybe its the promise of witnessing an insane mixture of traditional winter textures like knits, leather and furs juxtaposed against gauzy tulles, feathers and warm weather fabrics. Or maybe its just the shoes. Whatever the reason may be I will always anxiously await February and the start of New York Fashion Week.

Here are a few of my favorite fall looks from the past few years (ok, they aren’t all from NYFW but they are still amazing!).

All From and

Be Mine


Today, I noticed pink and red “mailboxes” around my office. Baskets of store bought Valentines sit next to the boxes and signs encourage employees to send kind words to friends and co-workers. The little cards brought back memories of elementary school and annual Valentine’s day celebrations that featured card swaps, glittery crafts and too much candy. I immediately became nostalgic for those simpler days and the tiny, charming cards.

It seems like I’m not the only one that longs for a sweet Valentine’s Day card. Papyrus, Paper Source and other websites offer an array of Valentines that range from sweet to bordering on vulgar.

However, I was most impressed with the amazing selection of well crafted cards on Etsy. I love Sparrow Nest Script‘s eco-friendly greeting cards and their witty words of love. Kitschy Hippo‘s “California Love” card has a retro, vintagy feel that I love and Steel Petal Press‘ graphic heart card offers a true alternative to classic, sugary sweet Valentines.